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Lift Truck Mechanic; to do preventive maintenance and repairs on an engine forklift within the company and be CERTIFY.

Note: These contents are applicable to all persons already working in the field of mechanics or repairs of forklifts in the company.

This is a brief description for the training course.
Note; Applicable to your income tax credit.

Attention The number of hours is determined by the number of candidates and or the extent of the course and experience.


1st Benefit

  • Making a mechanic able to repair or maintain various mechanical and hydraulic components of forklift safely.
  • Read electrical and hydraulic diagrams of the manufacturer.
mécanicien chariot élévateur

2nd Benefit

  • Making MECHANICS able to perform preventive maintenance by manufacturer.
  • Avoid changing unnecessarily parts and save the cost of repairs.

3rd Benefit

Notify mechanic of news on gas systems according to established standards on emissions of gases (CNESST).


Equip the mecanic of a EXPERTISE for repairs or maintenance of a thermal lift truck to make it operational and productive and this safely.

mécanicien de lift


Make the mechanic able to apply safety rules for the adjustments, modifications and maintenance or replacement of mechanical and electrical components for thermal forklifts according to the Manufacturer.