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Recent media covers C.F.C.E. Centre de Formation Chariot Élévateur
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Formation Chariot Elévateur Nouvelle Loi CNESST 2007.PDF
The CNESST considered that (xxxxx International) has compromised safety issues for their employees. The company has been issued a notice. The company exposes itself to a fine of between $5,000 to $20,000 for the first offence and an additional fee of, $10,000$ to $50,000$ if the company does not complie.

Canadian Press

Has reported 213 deaths in 2010 in Canada involving Forklifts In Quebec
"According to the C.N.E.S.S.T. statistics"

About 700 people are injured or killed using a forklift (c.n.e.s.s.t. statistics). There was even a coroner's report on the subject in 1991, stating that training is a must!!!

Example; according to C.N.E.S.S.T. investigations for 2017.

the statistics show 540 people are injured with forklifts (not counting the ones who didn't make a claim).

More for 2012


A Longueuil Regional store (South Shore) was reprimanded by the Committee on health and safety at work (CNESST) following an accident at work which occurred in December last in the establishment.

The approach of the holidays, an employee of the branch, had prepared a contest for his colleagues. Disguised as Santa Claus, he moved to the back of a mobile platform with another colleague who led him to the front. The passage of the sliding doors, two employees must crouch since only 11 cm is available between the top of the lift to the door framing.

«The operator arriving near the doors bends down low, something that the worker did not do. His head was more than 11 centimeters. The operator who had trained for this type of forklift heard a noise. He stopped the machine to see that his colleague was lying back, with the head jammed between the railings of the platform and framing of doors» tells, spokesman of the CNESST.

The victim was transported to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

actualité cariste


A construction worker was killed this morning in Pointe-Claire, in the West island of Montreal.

The 29-year-old man had been employed with an aluminum company that was working on a building.

It is one of his colleagues who found him crushed under the Cherry Picker he was driving. He was transported to the hospital in cardiac arrest. His death occurred on the spot.

The CNESST will lead an investigation into this tragedy.

actualité chariot élévateur


A 51-year-old man suffered from many Burns following an accident at work, in Frelighsburg (Eastern Townships).

The worker was on a forklift from an explosion from the forklift itself, which occurred between 6 pm and 7 pm. "With the first information given, it would probably be an accumulation of LP gas", reports the CNESST's Office communications manager at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It is unclear for the moment the actual severity of his injuries, but the man was transported to the burns Centre.

On ignore encore pour l'instant la gravité réelle de ses blessures, mais l'homme a été transporté au Centre des grands brûlés.


An unfortunate accident causes the life of a 21 year old worker Friday night at the airport of Saint-Frédéric-de-Beauce, route 112, in Chaudière-Appalaches.

The incident happened in the hangers about 22:30 when the individual was found in the hangers around 22:30 when the individual was stuck between the wing of a plane and a forklift.

He was rushed to hospital, where his death was found, said a spokesman for the Sûreté du Québec (SQ).

An investigation will be conducted by the (CNESST) health and the Safety Commission to determine the circumstances surrounding this fatal accident.


An unfortunate accident causes the life of a worker towards 17:00hrs. The victim lived in Baie-Comeau.

The 55 year old man was hit by a forklift and died. The incident happened when he was circulating in a zone near the reconstruction department for copper.

The CNESST inspectors explain the circumstances of the incident: «The forklift was carrying pipes on an access ramp. The pipes fell down. Upon putting the pipes back on the forks, the forklift moved forward. We do not know why, but the forklift advanced on the victim.»

Training is a must and profitable to everyone!!!